Scripts and Tools

Small collection of various scripts and tools, that turned out to be useful for someone else too. Some are very outdated, but sometimes still useful as a reference or example for a new project.

Themes and Settings

Configurations, themes and setting generators to make the tech part of the Linux desktop more visually appealing. I'm a fan of using 256 or more colors in terminal applications and try to make things look more visualy appealing and consistant than the old school output older tools often have.


Various smaller projects, like plugins that didn't make it upstream or simply things that don't fit anywhere else. Currently there isn't any active project here and most older things no longer work due to upstream API changes. I'm leaving those releases here, because they sparked a fork or takeover by someone else in the past.


No hand picked screenshots at this time. I did a dump of all my old screenshots and theme specific demonstrations in the browsable section.

All Screenshots